"Our specialist factories provide the best efficiency, cost, and quality."

Production is the heart of our business. We have state of the art CNC machines for wood, metal, and acrylic production. Large scale edge banding and other woodworking machinery deliver quality repeatedly. Good equipment takes out the variability of hand labor. By knowing the capability of our machinery, we can create creative and unique products.

We utilize specialized factories for specialized materials and better quality. One factory cannot do every material well. If someone tells you that they do everything in one factory, then the result will be less than optimal.

We have flexible capacity for a single container program, or 20+ container program with multiple SKUs.  

Our staff are co-located in the factories. All are close by each other. Every day they are there seeing first hand what is going on, working on samples, checking production quality, and driving for your interests.

Managing the production is our responsibility, and we take it seriously. This allows you to focus on your brand, and your customers.
















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